How to add the ROI for OCR in script

Follow the steps:

1. Choice the getting_xxx.bmp

2. Screen capture mode

3. Use mouse drawing the ROI in the layer before click add

  • Draw the ROI which you want to monitor. (1~4)
  • Click the Add for increasing the OCR instruciton in the script.(5) Normal machine

### 4. Select the “Exist Settings” with each ROI

Base on the amount of your designed ROI and select the “Exist ROI Setting” until lastly ROI. Normal machine

There are 4 pair instructions in the script after adding OCR. (For this demo )
Normal machine

If your “Exist Setting” is such as the left side of the below figure , pls view the link

Normal machine

How to set the Exist Setting

Introduc the parameters in Exist Setting.

Add new one “Exist Settings” recipe

Normal machine

  • Gaussian blur

Functional difference for real case

Normal machine

### Threashold Normal machine

### Super resolution Normal machine


Normal machine

### White and Black List Normal machine

Traineddata and Configuration

What is the “Traineddata”?

Due to character have many font,size and color, We usually separate the same feature in the same trainedata folder. If you don’t have any ideal,Please referring the [Link]()

What is the “Configuration”?

Choose the configuration (single selection) selection). Press the Advanced Setting button for Tesseract advanced settings if required as follow. For the more parameters information in detail , you have to refer the tesseract from google. config.cfg is the golden and config1.cfg is up to user defined)

Normal machine


Normal machine Normal machine

How to save the ROI result in csv

The script can log that you want to monitor OCR in CSV after enable sharing the OCR Table.

Enable the sharing OCR Table items:

  • 1. Open the configuration managment
    1. Click the DDS & REST (OCR configuration) Normal machine
    1. Select Reest
    1. Modify 0 to 20 and check yes then click “Save to items” (for this sample)

Normal machine

  • 5. Check thes OCR item to be Ture that you want to monitor.

Normal machine

  • 6. Stop REST
  • 7. Run REST (Reset the REST module)

Normal machine

  • 8. It is successful when you resee the restful module popup again.

Normal machine

  • 9. Exit Normal machine

Add instruction for recoding the organizations in CSV

  • 1. Open you desing’s [.blf] file.

Normal machine

  • 2. Choice the bmp which you want to design

Normal machine

  • 3. Click mouse button of left side then Add the Script

Normal machine

Save all OCR or part of OCR

  1. Select “MSG_SAVE_TABLE_TO” instruction (save all OCR)

Normal machine

  1. Select “MSG_SAVE_TABLE_TO” instruction (part of OCR) Normal machine

  2. where is the CSV ? There is a file per day.

Path C:\Users\USER\Documents\RCM_TABLE_LOG Normal machine

The system default keeps the files for 30 days however you can modify the parameter.

Normal machine