Choice the Dex-100 Video Source

Click the Frame Grabber Setting and choice the Source input.

 Dex-Pro -> Tools -> Config -> Fram Grabber Setting

Normal machine

Use the Diag.exe for checking the current video information.

 Path  ->  -> C:\Program Files\ADLINK\DEX-100\utility\Diag.exe

Normal machine

Clear horizontal and vertical offset values

 Click the button of "Frame Adjust"
  • Please set 0 for all the offset
    Normal machine

Select source and resolution

  • Select source from VGA or DVI

Normal machine

  • Select resolution “Auto”

Normal machine

Get the Video informations

  • Check the both result for Resolution and Signal, if the connection is successful.

Normal machine

If doesn’t detected the signal, follow the steps for troubleshooting.

    1. Check the Local machine setting for display resolution.
    1. Reconnect the local machine VGA cable to monitor.
    1. Reboot the local machine.
    1. Check the resolution from the monitor.
    1. Reconnect the VGA to Dex-100.
    1. Check Frame Grabber Setting whether the auto select for unexpected resolution.