How to install the firmware for one camera or multi camera

You can use 1~4 cameras by installing the different firmware from Euresys Coaxlink Firmware management.

SOP steps :

  1. Open this Coaxlink Firmware management Normal machine
  2. Choice the avaliable card. Normal machine
  3. Select your required variant. Normal machine
  4. Click the button of proceed Normal machine
  5. Click the ok. Normal machine
  6. Wait to download finished. Normal machine
  7. Shart down and replug-in the power, then power on again.

How to show the video by eGrabber Studio

SOP steps:

  1. Open this eGrabber Studio Normal machine
  2. Select the Coaxlink and the system will auto show how many cameras can be used. Normal machine
    1. Choose each CCD and click the button to open it. Normal machine
    2. You shall see a new browser and click the play. Normal machine