How to backup Neon by microSD card?

According to the official document, the boot sequence is decided by U-boot. U-Boot functionality includes a default booting scan sequence. It scans bootable devices in the following order: - External SD card - Internal eMMC (Jetson TX2 series devices only) - USB device (Jetson TX2 series devices only) - NFS device

U-Boot boots up the kernel by /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf in the sequence of bootable device. That is to say, if NEON-2000-JT2 equits microSD card with OS, U-Boot boots up accord to /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf in microSD card instead of extlinux.conf in eMMC.


  • 32G up microSD card
  • NEON-2000-JT2

Clone Neon data to microSD card

Step 1: Format your microSD card as ext4

The total size of image with Jetpack4.4 is 16G. It suggests cloning the image using a 32G microSD card.

  • Insert microSD card in Neon a
  • Right click on microSD card folder and click Format… b
  • Fill Volume Name:JP44 for example. Choose Type as Internal disk for use with Linux systems only (Ext4) c
  • Confirm details and click Format d
  • Search applications: Disks e
  • Select SD Card Reader -> Mount selected partition f f2

Step 2: Clone eMMC data to microSD

  • Make sure NEON-2000-JT2 mounts your microSD card /dev/mmcblk2p1.

    df -h
  • Clone eMMC data to microSD

    sudo cp -ax / '/media/adlink/yourSDcard' && sync


Step 3: Modify extlinux.conf in microSD card for bootup sequence

  • Edit /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf in microSD card

    APPEND ${cbootargs} quiet

    APPEND ${cbootargs} rootfstype=ext4 root=/dev/mmcblk2p1 rw rootwait


Step 4: Reboot NEON-2000-JT2

  • It will boot from microSD card.



Backup microSD card as image

### Step 1. Use command and check the disk of microSD in PC

  df -h

the disk of microSD in PC is **sdd**.

### Step 2. Image a card with dd

if=path_of_your_image.img of=/dev/disk

  sudo dd bs=4M if=/dev/sdd status=progress | zip -

Image microSD and zip it

Recovery microSD card by image

### Step 1. Unzip the image


### Step 2. Rename it

  mv - unzip Neon-2000-JT2-JP43.image

### Step 3. Insert microSD and flash it by Etcher

Flash by Etcher (take Jetpack4.4 for example)