What is PCIe-GIE74P PoE Budget Mode?

The PoE budget mode is to ensure product power supply security, PoE automatically cuts off when PoE power is exceeded.

  • PCIe-GIE74P PoE Power budget

    1、Max 20.0W w/ PCIe slot only.

    2、Max 61.6W w/ PCIe slot and 4-pin Molex connector.


  • How does PCIe-GIE74P reserve PoE Power Budget?

    • PoE Power Consumption Mode for variable power budget

      PCIe-GIE74P will detect the camera’s real power consumption to reserve PoE power budget.

    • PoE Class Mode for fixed power budget

      PCIe-GIE74P will detect the camera’s PoE class to reserve PoE power budget.

  • How to setting Power Budget Mode?

    1、Using API of AVS_PoESetPowConsumCalcModel.

    Customer can configure settings according to user scenarios.


2、Execute POE Budget Mode Setting Tool.

This tool can set multi-card to the power consumption mode at one time.
Step1、Download SDK from WebLink
Step2、 Install AVS SDK
Step3、 Open Folder “POE_tool”.
Step4、 Execute “Sample.exe”.
  • Example、User’s Situation.

If I want to connect 3 GIgE cameras, and I didn’t connect PCIe-GIE74P’s 4-pin Molex connector…

  • By PoE Power Consumption Mode

If this camera’s real power consumption is 5 watts, PCIe-GIE74P will reserve 6 watts per camera. PCIe-GIE74P has power budget of 20 watts. 3 (cameras) x 5 (watts) = 15 (watts)

PCIe-GIE74P can power 3 cameras.
  • By PoE Class Mode

If this camera’s PoE class is “2”, according to the PoE class of the PoE standard, PCIe-GIE74P will reserve 7 watts per camera. PCIe-GIE74P has power budget of 20 watts. 3 (cameras) x 7 (watts) = 21 (watts)

PCIe-GIE74P can only power 2 cameras, cannot power the third camera.

If you want to provide more than 20 watts of power, you need to connect the 4-pin Molex connector of PCIe-GIE74P.

  • Table PoE Classes
Class No. Type Maximum power available at the Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) Power required by PoE class at the Powered Device (PD)
0 802.3af 15.4 W 0.44 – 12.95 W
1 802.3af 4.0 W 0.44 – 3.84 W
2 802.3af 7.0 W 3.84 – 6.49 W
3 802.3af 15.4 W 6.49 – 12.95 W
4 802.3at(PoE+) 30 W 12.95 – 25.5 W