How to acquit the ps2 metadata for KB or Mouse.

Power off both of Dex-100 and host-machine

The Dex-100 choices the USB or PS2 protocol by both keyboard and mouse successful connection with host-machine, but the handshake is beginning when power on for PS2 mode.

Boot up the Dex-100 and run the Dbgview as administrator

Normal machine

Enable the function to follow the below image

Normal machine


Setting the diffrent filter-string Key-in the different filter-string for collecting the data of the mouse or keyboard and click ok.

  • For log keyboard matamata : KBD

    Normal machine

  • For log Mouse matamata : KVM2

    Normal machine

Normal machine

You can click the button and choose each string for collecting the data of the mouse or keyboard.

Power on the host-machine

Dex-100 choices the PS2 mode when hand-shake is successful both with the PS2 mouse and host-machine after power on the host-machine.

Dex-100 has only one rule for choosing PS2 or USB protocol by detecting the ps2 mouse.

Record the logs by Dbgview

You can see some metadata to show on the Debug Print , if it is successful.

Normal machine

It recordes logs when moving mouse or key-in any keyboard.

Normal machine

Please record both of Bypass mode & control mode.

Save the log

Save the log and sent back for Adlink contact window.

Normal machine

Troubleshooting for DebugView

Please follow the troubleshooting when you see the warning message

Normal machine

  1. Remove the Dbgv.sys as administrator or renmae it. Normal machine

    Path : C:\Windows\System32\drivers

  2. Retry step1 to step7.


DebugView(save as to your computer)