How to flash image?


emmc image and microSD image are one-by-one mapping. That is, you have to flash emmc and microSD image with same version. For example, jetpack 5.0.2 emmc + jetpack 5.0.2 microSD image

Download eMMC image

How to reflash eMMC image
  • To perform this step the following equipment is required:

    • A bare metal machine running Ubuntu. Must not be a virtual machine.
    • microUSB cable
  • For Jetpack 5.0.2: Install neccessary package at first

    sudo apt-get install sshpass
  1. On the Host PC unzip the file downloaded.

    tar -zxvf EOS-JNX_JP502_emmc.tar.gz
  2. Set EOS-JNX as recovery mode

    • Boot EOS-JNX
    • Hold RECOVERY button on front panel
    • Push RESET button on front panel
    • Release RECOVERY button
  3. Connect the microUSB cable to the EOS-JNX and the Host PC

  4. Open a terminal and execute the lsusb command, to see if the NEON is connected. If a device called Nvidia Corp. is detected, the device has successfully entered recovery mode. lsusb

  5. Go to folder unzipped in step 1

    cd EOS-JNX_JP502_emmc
  6. Flash the EOS-JNX

    • Jetpack before 5.0.2

      sudo ./
    • For Jetpack 5.0.2

      sudo ./tools/kernel_flash/ --flash-only --massflash 20
  7. Once the flash script is complete and shows Flash complete (SUCCESS) reboot the EOS-JNX

How to restore eMMC image
Check sum
$ md5sum EOS-JNX_JP502_emmc.tar.gz
588e91411bb61f5b95b190bebb8373de  EOS-JNX_JP502_emmc.tar.gz

$ md5sum EOS-JNX_JP502_microSD_v1.0.3.img.tar.gz
dda62d5d21f84d25368b5080eaed80e0  EOS-JNX_JP502_microSD_v1.0.3.img.tar.gz
  • check md5 check sum to make sure image file is correct

    • Linux
    • $ md5sum [file]

    • $ md5sum files.tar.gz

    • Windows 10

    • certutil -hashfile [file] MD5

    • certutil -hashfile files.tar.gz MD5