How to turn off the Mouse accelerator?

How to turn off the Mouse accelerator for Linux ?

Disable Mouse accelerator by UI in local machine

Wake up the Mouse Properties and disable the “Enhance pointer precision” in the local machine

Normal machine

Path:Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Mouse

Normal machine

Please follow the next step if you can’t find the UI of Mouse properties.

Run the registry editor in local machine

Using the hot-ky “Win+R”

Normal machine

Wake up the Registry Editor

Normal machine

Change the mouse speed setting in local machine

Edite the Mouse speed setting from 1 to 0. Define 1 = Enable 0 = Disabl

Normal machine

Path:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse\MouseSpeed

Disable the mouse acceleration by command line in terminal for Linux

  • Step 1 : Call the Terminal by the hotkey “Alt + Ctrl + T”.
  • Step 2 : Key-in the command line “xset m 1 1”

Sometimes your terminal is not the admin, maybe you can change the command line, “Sudo xset m 1 1” , if you know the admin’s password.