How to flash image?

Step 1: Download image to your host pc with Ubuntu



  • Check the md5 checksum to make sure image file is correct

    • Linux
    • $ md5sum [file]
    • $ md5sum mfi_jetson-orin-nano-neon2000-onx_8-35.4.1-rel.1v1.0.tbz2
    • Windows 10

    • $ certutil -hashfile [file] MD5
    • $ certutil -hashfile mfi_jetson-orin-nano-neon2000-onx_8-35.4.1-rel.1v1.0.tbz2 MD5

Step 2: Flash eMMC image

This step involves connecting the NEON camera to the Host machine and flashing the image.

To perform this step the following equipment is required:

  • A bare metal machine running Ubuntu. Must not be a virtual machine
  • microUSB cable
  • 2 x pin jumpers

There is also a video and PDF showing the process

  1. On the Host PC unzip the file downloaded in Step 1

    sudo tar -I lbzip2 -xf mfi_jetson-orin-nano-neon2000-onx_8-35.4.1-rel.1v1.0.tbz2
  2. Put the NEON into recovery mode You can refer to pin definition below, and try to enter recover mode. pin define 1 pin define 2

    1. Power on the NEON
    2. Short pins 5 and 6 (recovery), using the provided jumpers
    3. Short pins 3 and 4 (reset), for 2 seconds until the power LED goes out using the provided jumpers
    4. When the jumper for pins 3 and 4 is removed the power LED will light up again
  3. Connect the microUSB cable to the NEON and the Host PC

  4. Open a terminal and execute the lsusb command, to see if the NEON is connected. If a device called Nvidia Corp. is detected, the device has successfully entered recovery mode. lsusb

  5. Go to folder unzipped in step 1

    cd mfi_jetson-orin-nano-neon2000-onx_8-35.4.1-rel.1v1.0
  6. Flash the Neon-2000-ONO

    sudo ./tools/kernel_flash/ --flash-only --massflash 15 --network usb0
  7. Once the flash script is complete and shows Flash complete (SUCCESS) reboot the NEON

Below is a video of the process to flash a NEON