How to backup and extend microSD card?

According to application requirements, when the micro SD card installed in the Neon camera or EOS-JNX doesn’t meet the capacity needs, you can follow the steps below to back up and restore the card’s contents to a larger storage device.

Neon camera and EOS-JNX supports addressing larger capacity SD 3.0 or SD-XC cards up to 2 TB. We have tested the following cards:

  1. SanDisk ExtremePRO microSDXC 512GB
  2. SanDisk ExtremePRO microSDXC 128GB
  3. SanDisk ExtremePRO microSDXC 64GB
  4. Transcend TS128GUSD430T 128GB
  5. Transcend TS64GUSD430T 64GB

Back up micro SD card

Please prepare the Linux x86 machine and use the “disks” tool preinstalled in ubuntu.

Restore image

Restore the backup image made from previous section into your another SD card.

  • Clone image file to microSD card using one of the following methods

Clone micro SD card by rsync command

  • format your target micro SD card as ext4 format


    • For example
    • sudo rsync -axHAWX --numeric-ids --info=progress2 / /media/adlink/test && sync clone

Extend the partition of SD card

If your memory card space is larger than the backup image, you need to extend your memory card partition.