How to adjust quality when inputting the bad video


1 Boot up the dex-100

Power on the DEX-100

2 Input the Video source (VGA or DVI)

Plug-in the video source cable.

3 Using the Diag

 Path  -> C:\Program Files\ADLINK\DEX-100\utility\Diag.exe

Normal machine

4 Select source and resolution

  • Select source
  • Normal machine
  • Select resolution
  • Normal machine

5 Draw the image by clicking the button of Start

Normal machine

You shall see the result when grabbing is successful.
- Normal machine - 1. It is the current source - 2. It is the current resolution - 3. It is succeful or filed

If the resolution can’t match your choose resolution or the signal can’t be detected, please follow the below steps.

- Dex-Pro -> Tools -> Config -> Fram Grabber Setting - Normal machine

6 Confirm the current image that is right

  • It is not right, please retrying Step 2~5 again.

Dex-100 can’t process some Intel chips that can’t output your required resolution because the resolution always keeps in one resolution.

7 Using the Video Quality Analysis

  • Test VGA video quality for a long time and give suggested parameters

  • (Ensure that the video quality of the machine is almost the same throughout the day.)

  • Normal machine

8 Choose the test interval and start the testing

Choose the test interval There are several parameters for your requirement. - Normal machine Click the “start” button. - Normal machine

9 Cancel the testing log or save it in storage

You shall see the report after automatically test the video quality. - Normal machine Click the ok button.

10 System auto full in the result in the parameter of the sampling phas

It is successful when you see the value be set in the “Sampling Phase” from the testing result.

The system only brings into the testing result of the sampling phase in the correct parameter.

  • Normal machine

11 Trobleshooting

  • Normal machine If you get a large value from “Average Dynamic Noise,” we suggest replacing the VGA cable with anti-noise (EMI CORES) when getting the unideal value after using Video Quality Analysis.

  • Normal machine